Client Success: Dalton

Client Success Stories: Dalton

Dalton came to us initially in the August of 2013, he had not so long back suffered a severe stroke which had left him with severe mobility issues and affected every aspect of his life. Previous to experiencing his stroke Dalton had led quite an active life being employed as a Support Worker as well as playing an active role within his local church.

Dalton first came to Access to Business to develop his general IT skills as his stroke had made it extremely challenging to conduct even the most basic of functions. We introduced Dalton to a variety of aids to support his IT development needs as Dalton had a personal goal to write his own autobiography one day.

After attending the Stepping Stones course at Access to Business Dalton was determined to continue developing his IT skills where he attended the centre on a regular basis despite struggling with his mobility. We introduced Dalton to Dragon, a voice recognised software which is an excellent aid to support clients who have difficulties using a keyboard. Although the software is rather complex to use to start with Dalton showed a great deal of patience and determination, and within a short space of time he seemed to overcome any difficulties that he experienced at the early stage. Dalton at last was ready to start fulfilling his goal by starting to write his autobiography.

At this stage Dalton also expressed an interest in volunteering here at Access to Business on our Reception desk to help develop his customer service skills. It was great to see Dalton really enjoying himself volunteering here every Thursday and further developing his skills.

We see quite a large number of clients who suffer with mobility issues where they find it extremely difficult using a computer keyboard. Dalton has volunteered to support these clients by introducing them to our Dragon software. We had a client who had severe arthritis in both hands and found almost impossible to use a keyboard so Dalton helped them on a one to one basis every Wednesday morning to help them overcome any barriers using IT.

We nominated Dalton for a national Volunteer`s award and in May we received great news that Dalton had reached the final 4 in his category and was invited to the awards ceremony in London. Since Dalton has been nominated he has played a major role promoting support to people to vote for him. Dalton has had his story featured recently in a local newspaper, he has had the opportunity to share his story on a local radio show and he has also been invited to meet the Major of Wolverhampton.

Dalton was awarded a “Point of Light Award “from the Prime Minister recognising his valuable contribution to volunteering.

Dalton continued with his volunteering as well as supporting his local church with a variety of activities. He is also making excellent progress writing his autobiography and has recently reached an agreement with a publisher.